All New MP200


The MP200 has been used on the Continent for a couple of years, but now for the first time, the MP200 is available in 110v making it a very real alternative to the traditional electric scaffold hoist.

The MP200 has unique features making it more efficient and safer to install, use and dismantle.

Normally, a scaffold hoist would be carried up the scaffolding and mounted at the highest point possible to move the loads from the ground up and down levels as required.  Anyone who has ever handled a scaffold hoist will know that they are quite a handful, this is amplified when moving then up levels to where it’s installation position.  The scaffold hoist is then installed at the edge of a building or scaffold, sometimes as high as 40 metres.

Model MP200
Power Supply Single-phase
Tension 230 V / 110 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Motor Power 1000 W
Maximum capacity 200 Kg
Working Length 80 M
Lifting Speed 22 / 11-40 variable Inverter M/min
Hoist Weight 40 Kg

Inverter on 220v model only